Project 365: 2015: January

1/365: Good Morning 2015!
Today's theme is "Good Morning 2015" and since I was up super early in the morning, I thought I'd take a picture of my super messy bedroom. I've also joined a cleaning group for the new year, so hopefully it won't stay this messy for very long!
1/365:  Good Morning 2015!  #cy365

2/365: Think Over
This is one of my favorite Scripture passage to reflect upon.
2/365: Think Over  #cy365

3/365: Open Possibilities
For Christmas, my best friend -- who knows how much I love to travel -- got me a huge gift basket filled with all kinds of things to help me on my journeys! I got games, movies, snacks, and a lunch bag, as well as this atlas, journal and pens! I'll be taking a couple of roadtrips this year and these are going to be SO useful as well as fun!
3/365: Open Possibilities #cy365

4/365: A Reflection of Me
My planner is a pretty good reflection of me: brightly colored and a little chaotic, made with the best intentions, but occasionally undone! ;)
4/365:  A Reflection of Me  #cy365

5/365: Ensemble
I didn't really have a good ensemble picture on Monday, so I waited until Tuesday, which is Epiphany, to take this "ensemble" photo of the wise men visiting the baby Jesus.
5/365:  Ensemble  #cy365

6/365: Where I Stand
This is where I stand in relation to the meaning of the winter holidays. :) And, I need to clean the side of my fridge!
6/365: Where I Stand  #cy365

7/365: Solitude
What can be more lonely that a single shoe, all alone?
7/365: Solitude  #cy365

8/365: My Gear
This is my main camera, now that my world-traveling Nikon has died.
8/365:  My Gear  #cy365

9/365: Multifaceted
I have been out of practice of late, but I enjoy making Rosary bracelets out of Swarovski crystals.
9/365:  Multifaceted  #cy365

10/365: Habit
It is my guilty habit that I check out far more books from the library than I can reasonably read in a 3 week period.
10/365: Habit  #cy365